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One-Piece Swimsuits Manufacturer, MGOO

With 15 years of experience in swimwear manufacturing and the swimwear market, our professional team will utilize their swimwear knowledge to help you out.MGOO One Piece Swimwear’s popular style updates will keep your swimwear brand up to date with emerging trends and keep you ahead of the curve in the highly competitive swimwear market. Partnering with us ensures that your one-piece swimsuits are fresh and fashionable, appealing to your customers with quality and style.

With OEM and ODM expertise, from fabric selection to detailing, the MGOO team ensures that every element matches your brand image. Personalized patterns, colors, embellishments, logos and labels make your one-piece swimsuits stand out in a saturated market. Quality is our top priority and our meticulous production process ensures durability and comfort.MGOO’s full customization service will enhance your brand image and expand your brand awareness.

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OEM&ODM Services For One-Piece Swimsuits

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Why Choose MGOO As One-Piece Swimsuits Manufacturer


15 years of experience in swimsuits manufacturing.


50pcs MOQ per style per color one-piece swimsuit.


Provide one-stop service from design, manufacturing to shipping so that you can focus on product sales and brand marketing.


MGOO's one-piece swimsuits combine innovative design, quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship for an unrivaled swimwear experience.


We combine the features of low price, high quality products and short production time to provide high quality one-piece swimsuits at competitive price.


We have a variety of shipping methods, express, air and sea, depending on your volume and choice.

Top 10 One Piece Swimsuit Manufacturers

In the world of swimwear, one-piece swimsuits are like timeless classics. A one piece swimsuit is always stylish and trendy to make you feel confident. They’re not just about fashion trends but about looking good and feeling great. And when it comes to making these cool swimsuits, the companies that make them are super important.

The best manufacturers of one-piece swimsuits in the U.S. include organizations like Longbehn & Co. Inc., Amazing Stitches, Rockleigh Industries, Oakley Inc., Seam Apparel, etc. MGOO Beachwear is also a key player and trusted name among fashion lovers.

Before we delve deeper into the best manufacturers of one-piece swimwear, we need to better understand what a one-piece swimsuit is. Knowing the critical factors for choosing swimsuit manufacturers will help you significantly. So, in this article, we’ll find out what makes these swimsuits unique and the companies that are rocking the swimwear world.

What Is A One Piece Swimsuit?

A one-piece swimsuit is a versatile and timeless swimwear that covers the torso and extends to the hips or lower. This provides a unified and continuous garment to wear at the beach. It is known for its one-piece construction instead of separate tops and bottoms.

One-piece swimsuits typically cover the entire torso, offering modesty and more skin coverage than bikinis. This feature makes them popular for those who prefer more coverage or want to engage in water activities without worrying about their swimwear. Despite being a one-piece garment, a wide range of styles are available.

The many styles of one-piece swimsuits include classic maillots, which offer full coverage with various necklines and back designs. Many contemporary styles are available: cut-outs, plunging necklines, and open backs. This versatility allows individuals to choose a one-piece swimsuit that suits their style.

Additionally, many one-piece swimsuits are designed with built-in support features, such as padded cups or underwire. These features help provide additional comfort and shaping. The snug fit of a one-piece suit also ensures that it stays in place during water activities, making it a practical choice for swimming, beach sports, or lounging by the pool.

Over the years, one-piece swimsuits have evolved to reflect changing fashion trends. Designers continuously introduce new styles, patterns, and materials to keep the classic one-piece silhouette fresh and modern. So, whether you’re seeking a modest look or a fashion-forward statement, the one-piece swimsuit offers many options.

What To Look For When Choosing A Swimsuit Manufacturer

When you are looking to collaborate with a swimsuit manufacturer, there are many factors to consider. When your goals and vision align together, you will be able to get the best results.

So, choosing the proper swimsuit manufacturer is crucial in bringing your swimwear designs to life. Here are vital factors to consider when selecting a swimsuit manufacturer.

Expertise and Specialization

Working with a swimsuit manufacturer with a proven track record of expertise and specialization in swimwear production is essential. A manufacturer with experience creating swimwear understands the unique design, material, and construction requirements. So, their expertise ensures a smoother production process. This ensures a higher likelihood of delivering quality products that meet industry standards.Make sure the swimsuit manufacturer you choose has experience in making swimwear. You want someone who knows the ins and outs of creating swimsuits and focuses specifically on swimwear production. This experience ensures they understand what makes a good swimsuit and can bring your designs to life.

Quality of Workmanship

When picking a manufacturer, it’s essential to check the quality of their work. Ask for samples or look at their previous work to see if they pay attention to details and create durable swimsuits. You want a manufacturer that delivers good quality so your customers get swimsuits that look great and last.

Hence, assess the overall quality of the manufacturer’s work by requesting samples or reviewing their portfolio. Pay close attention to the craftsmanship, stitching details, and the overall finish of the swimwear. High-quality workmanship not only ensures durability but also contributes to the aesthetic appeal of your swimwear to enhance customer satisfaction.

Ethical and Sustainable Practices

Consumers increasingly value ethical and sustainable practices in today’s socially conscious market. Choosing a manufacturer that cares about doing things right is a good idea. Ensure they follow ethical practices, treat their workers fairly, and use sustainable materials. This way, you’re not just getting great swimsuits, but you’re also supporting responsible and eco-friendly production.

Inquire about the manufacturer’s commitment to fair labour practices, environmentally friendly production processes, and sustainable materials. Choosing a manufacturer with ethical practices aligns your brand with modern consumer expectations and contributes to a positive brand image.

Communication and Responsiveness

Effective communication is crucial for a successful manufacturing partnership. Make sure to assess the communication standards and responsiveness of the manufacturers before you finalize. You want a manufacturer who communicates well so you stay in the loop about the production process, helping avoid misunderstandings.

So, choose a manufacturer that responds to inquiries, provides clear communication channels, and updates you consistently throughout production. This ensures that any potential issues are addressed promptly. In this way, you can remain informed about the progress of your swimwear production, fostering a transparent relationship.

Production Capacity and Lead Times

A manufacturer with efficient production capabilities helps you get your swimsuits out to the market when needed. Look into how much the manufacturer can produce and how quickly they can do it. Ensure they can meet your quantity requirements and deliver on time. This is crucial for your business plan and launch schedule.

Additionally, understand their lead times for various stages of production, including sampling and shipping. Matching these lead times with your business plan and launch schedule is essential for avoiding delays and meeting market demands. A manufacturer with efficient production capabilities contributes to the timely delivery of your swimwear products.

Top 10 Swimsuit Manufacturers In The U.S.

Behind every stylish one-piece swimsuit is a reputable manufacturer. Choosing the right one is a crucial step in the process. This requires considering factors such as manufacturing location, production processes, ethical and sustainable practices, etc. At the same time, you need to assess if your business visions align with the manufacturer you are considering.

Depending on all these discussed factors and many more key features, here is a list of the best swimsuit manufacturers in the U.S.

Longbehn & Co., Inc., based in Downers Grove, IL, is a distinguished distributor specializing in promotional swimwear products. Their emphasis on promotional items indicates a focus on creating customized swimwear for businesses, events, or organizations looking to brand their products.

Longbehn & Co., Inc. provides an extensive range, including bathing suits, jumpsuits, trunks, bikinis, thongs, and shorts. This brand is reputable because of the added benefit of catering to a diverse audience by offering a range of sizes.

Longbehn & Co., Inc.

Operating from Emlenton, PA, Amazing Stitches/Amastitch LLC is a distributor that specializes in swimwear, particularly board shorts, trunks, and guard shirts. Using spandex and polyester in their swimwear products highlights a commitment to performance, providing flexibility and durability. This indicates a focus on creating swimwear suitable for activities beyond regular swimming, such as lifeguarding or other water-based sports.

The company’s dedication to functionality is further complemented by its location in Emlenton, PA. Unique Stitches’ distribution of performance-oriented swimwear aligns seamlessly with the needs of those seeking both functionality and fashion. This emphasis on style and utility positions the company as a go-to destination for contemporary consumers.

Amazing Stitches

Rockleigh Industries, Inc., situated in Rockleigh, NJ, sets itself apart as an ISO:9002 certified custom manufacturer of textiles, including swimwear and underwear. This certification reflects their dedication to maintaining high-quality standards in their manufacturing processes.

Beyond swimwear, the company offers a comprehensive suite of services, including design engineering, prototyping, turnkey manufacturing, packaging, and printing. This full-service approach positions Rockleigh Industries as a reliable partner for brands seeking end-to-end solutions in textile manufacturing.

Rockleigh Industries, Inc.

Oakley Inc., headquartered in Foothill Ranch, CA, is a globally recognized manufacturer specializing in sportswear and apparel. In addition to swimwear, their product portfolio spans sunglasses, prescription eyewear, shirts, and goggles.

Oakley’s focus on sportswear and performance apparel positions them as a brand catering to fashion-conscious consumers, athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts. Incorporating technology and performance features in their swimwear aligns with Oakley’s commitment to delivering high-quality products for active lifestyles.

Oakley Inc.

Seam Apparel, based in Los Angeles, CA, is a custom manufacturer specializing in various clothing and apparel. Their diverse product range includes swimwear, tops, T-shirts, jackets, jeans, sportswear, hoodies, and leather goods. As a custom manufacturer, Seam Apparel offers businesses and designers the flexibility to create tailored and unique pieces.

Their location in Los Angeles, a hub for fashion and apparel, positions them within a vibrant industry landscape. The variety of products in their portfolio indicates versatility, making them a suitable choice for brands looking for a comprehensive manufacturing partner.

Seam Apparel

Elkmont Trading Company, located in Clemson, SC, operates as a retailer providing a broad range of women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing, along with related products like swimwear, shirts, pants, and home goods.

As a retailer, Elkmont Trading Company curates a selection of products to offer a comprehensive shopping experience for customers. This retail-focused approach suggests that they not only manufacture clothing but also curate a collection to meet the varied preferences of their clientele.

Elkmont Trading Company

The Line Up, situated in Eden Prairie, MN, is a manufacturer specializing in swimwear, dancewear, and apparel. Their product range extends beyond swimwear to include skating dresses, cheer uniforms, tryouts, and rehearsal outfits, showcasing a diverse portfolio.

The Line Up’s specialization in performance and athletic wear positions them as a go-to choice for teams, dancers, and athletes seeking customized, high-quality attire. Including fashion swimwear in their offerings suggests a commitment to staying on-trend and meeting the unique demands of the performance and swimwear markets.

The Line Up

Tasc Performance Apparel, based in Metairie, LA, is a manufacturer specializing in athletic wear, swimwear, and outerwear for both men and women. Their product line is designed to cater to various activities, including fitness, running, yoga, tennis, golf, skiing, and outdoor pursuits.

Tasc’s commitment to performance-oriented apparel makes it a reliable choice for individuals with active lifestyles. Their use of innovative fabrics and designs ensures that their swimwear is fashionable and functional, meeting the demands of diverse physical activities.

Tasc Performance Apparel

New Moosejaw, LLC, located in Madison Heights, MI, operates as a distributor of outdoor equipment, including swimwear for both men and women. Their extensive product range spans clothing, footwear, hiking, camping, climbing, biking, snow sports, and watersports equipment.

As a distributor of outdoor gear, New Moosejaw serves as a comprehensive destination for outdoor enthusiasts, providing a diverse array of products suitable for various adventures. This broad offering makes them a convenient choice for individuals looking to gear up for various outdoor activities.

New Moosejaw, LLC

MGOO Beachwear, established in 2008, proudly stands as one of the leading swimwear manufacturers in the market. Committed to sustainability, MGOO places a special emphasis on utilizing eco-friendly materials. So, they contribute to a greener and more environmentally conscious approach to swimwear production.

Setting itself apart with a client-centric approach, MGOO offers fast sampling cycles, completing most requests within 3-7 days. This swift turnaround, coupled with flexible minimum order quantities, ensures personalized service tailored to the unique needs of its clients.

The diverse product range from MGOO Beachwear spans a variety of swimwear essentials, including swimsuits, bikinis, and beach skirts. Beyond the basics, MGOO also offers matching accessories and components such as zippers, breast pads, plastic buckles, and more. This comprehensive offering allows clients to access a one-stop destination for all their beachwear needs.

MGOO Beachwear


The journey through the world of one-piece swimsuits and the top manufacturers has been an exploration of timeless elegance and innovation. Picking the perfect one piece swimsuit becomes easy when you know what to look for in fashion and functionality. Similarly, the best manufacturers can seamlessly bring your vision to life for fashion brands.

At MGOO Beachwear, we are helping clothing brands turn their vision into the best quality swimwear. If you have any queries about clothing manufacturing, contact us.

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