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Trendy and Flattering Plus Size Swimwear for Every Body, Every Style!

For women of all shapes and sizes, swimsuit shopping can be a roller coaster of an experience. Going outside in only our bathing suits can make us feel as though our bodies are constantly under the microscope, and the media’s portrayals of itty bitty bikinis don’t help.

But listen up: The plus-size swimwear industry has been booming lately, and finding plus-size swimwear is no longer a struggle!

The swimsuit industry has, at long last, caught on and begun producing stylish, on-trend options for ladies of larger sizes. Hooray! Swimwear with horrifying flowery designs and matronly styles is so last year. These days, you can get pus-size swimwear that is both beautiful and sexy. But before you start shopping for a plus-size swimsuit, you should know a few things.

What is Plus Size Swimwear?

Plus-size swimwear is an inclusive and supportive line of clothing. These swimsuits aim to meet women’s curvier body needs by offering a range of attractive and comfortable styles. The designers of these swimsuits put a lot of attention into making sure they fit you well and highlight your curves in the most flattering ways.

Plus-size clothing comes in various forms, so it’s essential to consider that when evaluating multiple styles. There is usually a separate sizing chart for plus-size swimwear.

The United States fashion industry typically uses the term “plus size” to describe items of apparel branded as 14 and above. However, this can vary from brand to brand and can begin anywhere from 12 to 18. In the United Kingdom, sizes 16 and above are the norm, while in Europe, they start at 44 and up.

What is Plus Size Swimwear

Everything You Should Consider Before Buying Plus Size Swimwear

The key to finding the right plus-size swimsuit is finding the right fit. Before you get excited and start shopping for plus-sized swimwear, take note of a few considerations to keep in mind –

1.Note Down Your Size and Measurements

Most swimsuit size charts require your hip, waist, and breast measurements. Remember to take correct measurements of your chest, waist, and hips to begin.

When choosing a swimsuit size, use these dimensions as a reference. Always check the manufacturer’s sizing guide to get the perfect fit, as sizes might range among brands.

2.Proper Support and Coverage

Watch for models with underwire or molded cups to provide proper bust support when shopping for swimwear. Also, think about how much coverage you’d like.

Thankfully, you have a vast collection to choose from nowadays. So you may express yourself in whichever way you like, whether it is more or less revealing. Try to select swimsuit pieces that best suit your comfort.

3.Adjustable Features

Adjustable straps, ties, or fasteners are typical on plus-size swimwear. These let you tailor the fit to your liking so you may feel confident and comfortable in them.

Best Type of Plus Size Swimsuits For Different Body Types

We believe there is no “category” for a woman’s body type because every woman is remarkable in their way. However, according to conventional knowledge, there are still five types of female body types out there: hourglass, apple, pear, circle, and rectangle-shaped. Knowing your body type makes finding the ideal swimwear much more accessible!

So, when shopping for plus-size swimwear, it’s always crucial to consider your body shape. Here, we provide a comprehensive guide for you to learn about your body type and the styles that best suit you:


Hourglasses have a thin waist, larger thighs and legs, broadly proportioned hips, and somewhat equal-sized shoulders. If you have an hourglass figure, some of the best swimwear options would be classic underwire bikini tops or frill bikini tops!

Since the hourglass body is a balanced shape, it looks great in various outfits, but it is most striking when worn with a tailored, fitting dress. You may try out more fitting styles and accessorize to your heart’s content with ruffles and bows.

Stylish, figure-flattering, classic underwire bikini sets are excellent for hourglass plus-size girlies. You can also flaunt your snatched waist and curves with a ruched or wrap style. Regarding the swimsuit designs, feel free to get wild, trying out different patterns and hues. Overall, when it comes to plus-size swimwear, you will find many options!

Hourglass body


Typical features of an apple shape are a larger midsection and breast, a small waist, a flat bottom, and slender legs. If you share similar curves, you might be an apple-shaped girl, and when it comes to choosing swimsuits, it’s always best to stay true to those natural curves.

When shopping for plus size swimwear, remember that less is more when it comes to clothing lines and avoiding extra weight in the bust, waist, and tummy. Avoid adding extra details or embellishments to keep your tummy area looking fabulous. Details at the neckline can also seem too much, so keeping it minimal is the best choice.

Pay attention to your shoulders. Choose a style with narrow straps; wider ones can be too much for your shoulders. Another fantastic choice is our one-piece suits with a zipper front and your choice of frill or cap sleeves. These two things look great on an Apple form.

Apple body


The pear body shape is also popularly known as the triangle body shape. The pear shape is characterized by a smaller waist and bust and a more proportional weight distribution across the hips and lower torso. If you are lucky to have a pear-shaped body, beautiful swimsuit options like tankini tops are our top choice!

For pear-shaped girlies, we advise you to try to draw attention to your upper body area by making your bust and shoulders look bustier. Accessories will be your best friend to distract attention from your hips and bottoms!

Accessorize your plus-size swimsuits with fringing, frills or other embellishment on your top around the bust and shoulders. Overall, look for swimsuits that elongate your body and accentuate the curves of the legs and bust.

Pear body


You might be a circle-shaped girl if you find your midsection to be the most expansive area of your body. It might be challenging to dress for this figure because you don’t want something that clings too tightly to your body or that cuts into your midsection.

If you’re having trouble finding a swimsuit that flatters both of you, a two-piece style, such as a tankini, is a lifesaver. Tankinis, particularly those with ruffles or an A-line cut, are perfect for covering up a muffin top.

They will accentuate your underbust or other smaller bust areas, drawing attention elsewhere. The tankini will bring out your best features when paired with a figure-flattering bottom.

Circle body


A person has a rectangular body shape if their hips, waist, chest, and shoulders are about the same size. This is common among athletes with more athletic builds, such as runners, surfers, and swimmers. With rectangle bodies, you can pick and choose what parts to highlight.

Swimwear featuring waist details, such as our crisscross one-piece swimwear, will bring attention to that area of your body, making it look more petite and shapely. Also, if you have a rectangle body type, you look fantastic in high-cut bottoms since they draw attention away from your waist and elongate your legs.

The good news is that a wide variety of styles can accommodate your body type. Your choice should be based on your sense of style.

Rectangle body

Best Manufacturers to Shop for Plus Size Swimwear

With days getting longer and the sun shining stronger above our heads, there is only one conclusion: Summer is almost here, and now is the best time to buy new swimwear! From bikinis to one-pieces, tankinis, and even swim dresses, a wide range of styles suits every body type.

But if you’re looking for plus-size swimwear, it’s essential to choose a store with a wide selection of sizes and items that provide support and help you feel incredible. Some of the best manufacturers to shop for plus-size swimwear include –

As the name suggests, when you shop at “Swimsuits For All,” you’re practically getting swimwear for everyone. They have one of the widest selections of sizes in the industry, making them a top pick for anyone looking to purchase a swimsuit. From sizes 4–40, you may choose from more than 880 swimsuits in a rainbow of colors and patterns.

The brand incorporates many functional features into its swimwear designs to ensure you feel and look your best while basking in the sun. These include underwires for bust support, stomach control, longer lengths, hip minimizers, and even adjustable styles.

This swimsuit retail shop also provides one of the most unique options – shopping by your body type! So you can select your body type – either pear, apple, heart, hourglass or rectangle and find the swimsuit that best matches your shape.

Swimsuits For All

Famous in the plus-size market for its trendy items, ELOQUII offers sizes 14–28. They offer a virtual storefront with hundreds of products, from the workplace to a day at the beach. Discover a range of swimwear, including one-pieces and two-pieces, in bright and muted colors and solid, more neutral shades.

Choose a ruffle swimsuit from the label for extra volume and flair if you want a bold look. You may also sort the results by most popular or highest rated to get a sense of what people like.


Nomads is a fully sustainable women-owned swimwear boutique that you should remember! Businesswoman and plus-size model Taylor Long started this swimwear startup keeping plus-size women’s fashion and comfort in mind. Check it out if you enjoy supporting smaller operations.

Pieces from this brand’s collection are unique and special as they are influenced by travels all across the globe. With a size range that includes a 5X and a color palette that compliments a wide range of skin tones, Nomads is also incredibly inclusive.


Famous for its extensive size range extending up to size 30 (6X), Torrid was one of the first brands solely catering to plus-size clothing. They feature various swimwear and outfits, bras, shoes, and more. Swimsuit covers, and terry fabric beach shorts are among the beach-ready items you can find.

Some items on the site can only be purchased online; they are unavailable in physical stores. If you’re on a tight budget, Torrid is a fantastic choice. One-piece prices start at around $45 to $60 and go up to $100 for a whole set. If you prefer to shop on the go, you can also use the Torrid app to access in-app exclusive sales and pay with methods like Android Pay or Apple Pay.


Summersalt is our go-to brand because of its stylish and useful products that are perfect for weekend trips or extended vacations. Among the many popular items sold by the label is the Perfect Wrap One Piece, which has garnered hundreds of five-star ratings on Instagram.

Make use of the site’s specific sections for things like boob support and full butt coverage when you browse swimwear selections. Summersalt has a wide variety of swimwear in sizes 2–24 and many options for those with longer busts. Maternity clothes are available in plus sizes as well.


As one would expect from a leading manufacturer of high-quality shapewear, Shapermint swimsuits use shapewear technology to provide compression and support in strategic areas.

The label has some daring hues and prints (like mint and fuchsia), but the classic black styles are always a safe bet. Some of the most attractive features this brand provides for swimwear are – smart ruching, soft wire, UPF 50 fabric, adjustable and convertible belly control, and many more.


When it comes to plus-size clothing, no other company has been around as long as Lane Bryant—in fact, they’ve been doing it since 1904. You can probably find their stores in any shopping center in the United States.

At Cacique by Lane Bryant, you may discover a variety of plus-size swimwear options, including those that zip or tie front and back. Look at a variety of one-pieces, tankinis, asymmetrical swimsuits, and even two-pieces that support the bust. In addition to being incredibly supportive of curved shapes, their designs are stylish.

Lane Byrant

Swimsuits from AdoreMe are just as tempting as the brand’s lingerie—offering a rainbow of colors and patterns in addition to provocative cutouts and necklines. Not many online stores provide you the option to narrow your search by bra size, panty style, padding level, or both.

For the more fashion-forward among you, AdoreMe has a lot of options, such as this abstract print one-piece or pink gingham bikini. But there are also plenty of options for the more classic swimmers.

Adore ME

Not many businesses manage to get plus-size clothing designs right, but Superfit Hero does. The company doesn’t relegate plus sizes to the back of the closet; rather, they feature a wide range of sizes, all created from premium fabrics, right in the middle of their collections.

Discover a wide array of swim shorts, tees, and bras in various colors and styles. Among the brand’s distinctive features is the inclusion of size and proportion-matched models to demonstrate how each item would appear to customers.

Superfit Hero

When it comes to swimwear, MGOO Beachwear has been at the forefront for the last 15 years, providing its brand clients with unmatched speed and quality in delivery. Their tireless pursuit of perfection has earned them universal praise and a stellar 90% percentage of repeat business.

The innovative spirit of MGOO Beach Wear goes beyond their dedication to eco-friendliness and high-quality materials. All body types and styles can feel empowered in the correct swimwear, and MGOO Beachwear just gets all of us. Plus, wear girls!

MGOO Beachwear will meet all your demands, from fashionable design to unique swimsuit features. You can custom-make swimwear from the brand so they are tailored to fit all your needs!

MGOO Beachwear


Gone are the days of disgusting shorts, baggy tees, and unflattering suits! Now is the time for big girls to rock the finest swimwear, which means all the bright colors, figure-hugging cuts, and stringy details! Plus Size Swimwear is all the hype nowadays, and with brands focusing more and more on inclusivity, it’s no longer a struggle to find fabulous pieces for every body type.

Still not convinced? Well, here we bring you all you need to know about plus-size swimwear – from all the considerations you should consider to the best brands selling them. Hopefully, now, you know that you can get all the plus-size swimwear of your dreams and rock your summer fabulously at MGOO Beachwear! Contact us for any queries or requests. Thanks for reading till now.

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