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1. Ready Designs or Design Help

We’ve prepare some 2D or 3D designs. If you like, we can directly start sample process. Or our designers can offer you new design sketch according to your requirements.

And we can support all tech pack designs including brand logo, printing pattern or image, woven label or hang tag, pantone colors.

For printing pattern, you can give us shutterstock vector link or ask us to draw.

2. Sample Support: Get It Right

Before we begin the sample process, we will make sure these details are ready: design pattern and size, pantone color number, specific fabric in type and gsm, needed accessories, sizing chart, the sample size.

Any thing unclear, we will give you our professional suggestions and tell you the differences based on rich experience. Usually they will be popular choices from our customers. And we fully respect your choices.

Then we start the process from fabric sourcing, and pattern making. During the process, we make sure all things meet your requirments and you will get our daily process report.    

3. Bulk Production: Quality Is the Key

Working with MGOOBEACHWEAR, you will find managing garment quality overseas can be unexpectedly easy! You don’t have to be here or worrying about where to start, cause we will keep you involved in every step. 

We can help set the standard tolerance of POM(Point Of Measurement) and conduct garments measuring. Before shipping, we will do several on-site tests to help verify your garment’s durability and functionality including fitting test, dry and wet crocking test, seam strength test, fatigue test of fastener, stretch test, stitches per inch check.

4.Quality Printing: Boost Your Brand value

After the artwork(yours or ours) is ready, we will make a high-resolution mockup to show you the whole effect. Our print inks are high quality and eco-friendly.

We usually apply high quality sublimation on polyester fabric to keep the print more vibrant.

We support high quality custom swimwear fabric with original designs, photos, and text in different weights or finishing. 

5.Custom Accessories To Draw Attention

Over the years, clothing accessories have been divided into many categories according to different effects on the garment such as lining, labels, drawstrings, and fasteners.

Except for function aims, accessories also play an essential role in making your swimwear products better-looking.

MGOOBEACHWEAR support all kinds of custom brand accessories. We help build your brand awareness and draw more attention from your potential customers. 

6. Fast and Secure Delivery

We have realiable business shipping partners like DHL, UPS. We’ve built up long-term cooperation with them, thus we can get lower prices for you.  No matter which shipping company you choose, you will get a tracking number when we send out the garment. 

MGOO Beachwear Pattern Artwork

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We’ve prepared a special gift. It’s a PDF about Pattern Artwork for 2023 Fashion Swimwear. Good for inspiring your design!

Please fill in to get it, don’t worry, your info is strictly confidential.

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