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A Quotation issued by MGOOBEACHWEAR  (“MGOO”, “We”, “Us”) to buyer constitutes an offer for the sale of swimwear and includes all the terms and
conditions contained herein.

Any purchase order issued by the Buyer in response to a Quotation from MGOO shall result in a Contract. The Proposal and these Terms and Conditions shall constitute the entire understanding and Contract between Buyer and MGOO. This Contract may not be amended or modified except by a writing executed by both parties.




Our prices are valid for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of the Quotation, unless another validity term is stated in the Quotation. Our offer is subject to review, amendment or withdrawalat any time prior to acceptance of a Quotation. 

Quotations will automatically lapse at the expiration of the thirty days or other quoted term, unless the validity period is extended in writing by the Company and notice of the extension forwarded to the Customer.




Currency All prices are quoted in USD/US$

A deposit minimum of 40% is required of any Swimwear Bulk order. Sample orders require 100% deposit.

The work phase starts only after receiving the initial deposit into our nominated bank or PayPal account.

The remaining balance payment for Bulk orders must be paid in full before shipment. MGOO reserves the rights to liquidate any orders
corresponding to balances owing which has not been completed for 30 days.




The unit price for each item quoted includes fabric, cutting, sewing, trims, embellishment, quality control and quality assurance. It does not include hang tags, labels, hygiene liners or other custom packaging options.

The price per unit may be affected by the volume of the order. For order smaller than minimum order quantity surcharges will apply. Larger orders may attract discounts.

Third Party Minimum Orders Prices may be affected by minimum order quantities set by Third Party Suppliers such as fabric suppliers.

All costs relevant to shipping and customs for Samples, Bulk from MGOO will be borne by Buyers unless stated otherwise in this Terms and Conditions.




MGOO can start the process after receiving the deposit. Firstly we will confirm the tech pack details with you. If you don’t have a tech pack, we can create one for you within 48 hours, including specifications, high-resolution printing pattern, sizing, specific color numbers of fabric and design.

While sourcing the fabric, our sample department starts to make the sewing pattern based on your design. When the fabric is ready, then we start the cutting, printing, sewing, finishing process step by step. MGOO will inform you the process report by email. 

The information given by Buyer in Specs and Order Forms are final upon payment. Any amendments after payment during Sample or Bulk Production process will incur extra costs charged to Buyer.




Timelines Must be agreed upon between MGOO and Buyer before work starts as noted in ‘ORDER’.

Expected timelines depends on factors such as: size of order, current load, complexity of styles and availability from Third Party suppliers such as fabrics, accessories and hardware.

We commits 100% of resources to ensure that given timelines are kept for any work order. We do however offer our timelines at a +/- 2 week tolerance for any order which is accepted by Buyer upon purchase.

MGOO does not however take responsibility for delays by Third Party suppliers such as fabric suppliers, public holidays, shipping delay, custom issues or any other external factors causing delays out of our control.

All risk of loss pass to Buyer regardless of method of shipment the moment the items leave our factory.

We will provide necessary invoices, packing list and paperwork for Buyer to handle customs upon receiving the Goods. All fees, taxes, duties are to be paid by Buyer. Certain countries

All products are packaged professionally by MGOO to be ready for sale to end-customer.




Quality issues include Faulty workmanship, incorrect make,  obvious holes(not man-made cut), stains that can’t be washed(not caused by delivery) may be notified and returned within 20 days from receiving the goods for refund, discount, exchange or remake depending on MGOO’s availability at the moment of claim.

Before sending out the sample, Sample Photo Approvals will be provided by MGOO to Buyer prior to sending Samples are to illustrate that work is done and that We have followed Buyer’s Sample Specs. Sample Photo Approvals are not to be used to approve quality of samples and workmanship as this cannot be determined by images only.

Deviation Bulk and Sample Defects are only accepted as incorrect if they deviate from clearly stated specifications in the Order Forms and Design Specs. 

MGOO does not accept any misuse or mishandling by Buyer or damage whilst shipping to Buyer. MGOO does not cover any missing or wrong information made by Buyer in Design Specs or Order Forms.

Discounts, refunds, exchange or remakes may only be given after MGOO have received and reviewed the faulty products in person.




We will not disclose Buyer’s name(s), brand, monetary or order figures to other parties unless otherwise agreed upon by Buyers.

Any request for product images for our portfolio of Buyer’s products needs written consent by Buyer.

We will not sell copyrighted products (Buyer’s custom design) or copyrighted prints (Buyer’s developed print designs) unless written consent is given by Buyer. Our ready design collection and all Shutterstock prints are not covered by copyright of this clause.

We will never reproduce Buyer’s own designs for own self-gain, another Buyer or related competition.

We ensure that copyright compliance is upheld by ourselves and Third Party suppliers whom are wholly or partially controlled by Us. However, We are unable to take any responsibility for bad practices taken out by external Third Party suppliers not controlled by Us.


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